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Bodhran Workshops


Phone: 07500 310 275
E-mail: bookings@soundstep.co.uk

The bodhran is a Celtic frame drum which is believed to have been played in Scotland for around 2000 years, and features in both traditional and contemporary Scottish music. Bodhran rhythms are fun to play and basic techniques are easy to pick up.

30 minute workshop – £45
This workshop begins with some rhythm games and body percussion, before we go on to look at the bodhran, explore something of its history, investigate its sounds and learn the basic techniques for playing the instrument. We then work through a series of rhythms, building up to a longer sequence of rhythms which we perform in groups.

The workshop includes:
Body percussion
Bodhran playing
Scottish song accompanied by the bodhran

If your school / class focus relates to Scottish culture / history you may find want to add a Scottish Music Assembly.
Click HERE to find out more.


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